Upgraded my mid 2007 Macbook Pro’s hard drive

Last week I was able to successfully perform a surgery on my old mid-2007 macbook pro. I replaced the 120GB Fujitsu hard drive that it came with, with a 500 GB WD Scorpio.

Here's how it looks inside. ;)

I just followed all the steps from iFixit.com, basically removing all screws that get on the way. And slowly opened the top(keyboard) part and that’s it.

Before I swapped harddrives, I made sure to make the new HD a clone of my existing one. I used SuperDuper to make an exact bootable clone of my internal hardisk so that when I will swap them, I will no longer need to worry about installation and copying files.

It works!
When I finally swapped the harddrives, with the WD one inside, it booted up as expected with all my settings, and files intact. I kind of just added more space to it. Which is basically what I did. πŸ˜‰

The catch
I forgot to put in the checklist that I needed to have a Windows partition – Bootcamp. I have a WinXP running Β on Bootcamp in my old setup. How about trying Windows 7? I tried setting up Bootcamp using the ‘Bootcamp Assistant’ which by the way can be found in Applications > Utilities > Bootcam Assistant.

The instructions for installing are quite straightforward. Then it restarted my machine to the Windows setup. But to my disappointment, I was faced with an boot problem. I am not sure if it is my installation disc for Win7 so I grabbed my old XP which I am sure works. Again, there was an error.

The weekend is over
When I realized it, I only have a few more hours of weekend left, so left it at that. My MBP has a new quieter, faster (i dont know why – they are both 5400RPM), harddrive but no Windows in it.

Even got a tweet from a friend of mine telling me why I bother about having windows on my mac. To be honest, I was only doing it to play Windows games which are more – available.

I will post more info about whether I am able to finally install Mr. GAte’s OS on my Mac. But for the moment it stands as it is.

If anyone reading this have a few tips you want to share to me, or you want to through an RTFM my way… Please hit the comments below. πŸ˜‰

PS: I have also updated my RAM into an unknown brand, that could/could not be the culprit.

Thanks to @mnystedt for the screw drivers, and new harddrive